Reimu Hakurei appeared in almost every game in the Touhou series.


  • Highly Responsive to Prayers (Cover, Playable Character)
  • Story of Eastern Wonderland (Cover, Title Screen, Playable Character)
  • Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream (Cover, Title Screen, Playable Character, Possible Opponent)
  • Lotus Land Story (Cover, Title Screen, Playable Character, Stage 4 Boss B)
  • Mystic Square (Cover, Title Screen, Playable Character)
  • Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Title Screen, Playable Character)
  • Perfect Cherry Blossom (Title Screen, Playable Character)
  • Immaterial and Missing Power (Playable Character, Possible Opponent, Final Boss of Suika's Scenario)
  • Imperishable Night (Title Screen, Playable Character, Stage 4A Midboss, Stage 4A Boss)
  • Phantasmagoria of Flower View (Title Screen, Playable Character, Possible Opponent, Final Boss of Shikieiki's Scenario)
  • Mountain of Faith (Title Screen, Playable Character)
  • Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (Playable Character, Possible Opponent, Final Boss of *Tenshi's and Aya's Scenario)
  • Subterranean Animism (Title Screen, Playable Character)
  • Undefined Fantastic Object (Title Screen, Playable Character)
  • Touhou Hisoutensoku standalone (Playable Character)
  • Double Spoiler (Scene EX-1, EX-4, EX-7 Boss)
  • Fairy Wars (Route B1 ending)
  • Ten Desires (Title Screen, Playable Character)
  • Hopeless Masquerade (Playable Character, Final Boss of Kokoro's Scenario)
  • Double Dealing Character (Playable Character)
  • Urban Legend in Limbo (Playable character, Possible opponent)


  • Touhou Sky Arena (Playable character, possible opponent)
  • Touhou Sky Fight (Playable character, possible opponent)
  • Touhou Koubutou (Playable character, possible opponent)
  • Concealed the Conclusion (Final boss (in white clothes), Phantasm boss (in original clothes))
  • The Alternative Age (Playable character)
  • Story of Eastern Wind (Playable character)
  • Marine Benefit (Playable character)
  • The Last Comer (Playable character)
  • Mystical Power Plant (Playable character)
  • War of Fox and Badger (Stage 1 boss)
  • Fake Strange Legend (Playable character)
  • Fantastic Danmaku Festival (Playable character)
  • Fairies of Sorcery (Extra stage midboss 1)
  • White Names Spoiled Past (Playable Character)
  • Trick and Treat Night (Playable character)